[linux-elitists] Microsoft prizes for rat finks

Heather star@betelgeuse.starshine.org
Mon Apr 30 00:49:11 PDT 2001

> > > Yeah yeah yeah I know netscape is bad but mozilla still blows.
> > 
> > To repeat:  I'm giving Konqueror 2.1.1 a try, and it seems likely to be
> > (at long last) a good enough replacement for Navigator/Communicator,
> > and then some.  I'm a bit burned out on Mozilla, myself, but this one
> > just might be a keeper.
> I have my reasons for disliking Konqueror. It requires an entire
> desktop environment.

So switch back to lynx-ssl and get a tremendous speed boost in the 

Guys, it's *javascript* that blows chunks.

> Personally I'm bitter at the Gnome fellows for creating such a nice
> HTML renderer (GtkHTML) and then going out of their way to make it
> require Gnome. Last time I checked it didn't use Gnome libraries for
> things except printing or other non-primary functions. Designing
> GtkHTML as an independent library would have been trivial, and it
> would be almost as trivial to make the Gnome dependencies and the
> functions they provide be optional at compile time. The maintainers
> (who happen to be employed by Ximian) have repeatedly refused to
> implement this option, and have not expressed any interest in patches
> that would do so.

Gather 'em yourself, host 'em, keep 'em listed on Freshmeat.  Hell, keep 
your own version of the code... it's GPL'd, no?   Check-outable from CVS
maybe?   Or get the debian source kit if it's easier.

What, are you afraid it will tick them off or something?  If they are
not sufficiently elite to see a good thing when the patch comes in,
merge it yourself... errr, and maybe discover what their problem is.

* Heather * The chief enemy of creativity is "good" sense -- Picasso

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