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Ari Jort arijort@valinux.com
Thu Apr 26 20:10:19 PDT 2001

All the details are by that url.


It's now on slashdot of course.

I happened to run into this last night 
while I was looking over some online cs
curriculum at cs.princeton.edu.

I happened to meet Prof Felten about a year ago
when I attended a lecture that he gave on his 
experience working for the DOJ in the microsoft
trial.  It really was a great story.  He 
originally described himself as the bearer
of specialized technical knowledge, arriving to 
elucidate the mysteries of computer science
operating systems research to the techno-illiterate
lawyer class.

Instead, he found the eye-opening happened in 
the other direction.  As he became more involved
in the case, he became more and more aware
of how marginal a contribution his was, and 
how overwhelmingly it was the law, itself a 
grand body of specialized technical minutiae,
that would would govern the outcome of the case. 



On Thu, Apr 26, 2001 at 10:44:03PM -0400, Brooklyn Linux Solutions CEO wrote:
> How did you here of this.  Do you have details on this.  The prevention of
> academic discourse and scientific discovery at the threat of law suite is a
> A1 demonstration of the anti-fairuse intrustion of the DMCA.
> I want to put this on nyfairuse.org - front page.
> Do you have details?

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