Felten backs down.... Re: [linux-elitists] Happy World Intellectual Property Day

Jack Moffitt jack@tk421.tk421
Thu Apr 26 15:47:36 PDT 2001

> > Today he announced he was not going to present the paper
> > detailing his discoveries out of fear of the cost of litigation.
> >
> >
> > ari
> Ari, I think this is not a simple defeat for our side.  I think it is
> an action in an enveloping movement.

Whether or not he presented it formally, the paper is out there.  It's
been _published_.

I'm surprised there haven't been more shananigans just over that.

I was on a panel with the CTO or such and such of Verance, and he seemed
pretty adament that Felton shouldn't publish as it would violate the
DMCA.  Either they are waiting for the right moment, or they have
realized how stupid it would look, and how little it would solve.


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