Felten backs down.... Re: [linux-elitists] Happy World Intellectual Property Day

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Jack's mail appears to be messed up. Please take any pointing and
laughing off-list.

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And more on this from the SDMI side.

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE              CONTACT:        Amy Weiss
Thursday, April 26, 2001                                     Jano Cabrera

                        SECRETARY, SDMI FOUNDATION

     The Secure Digital Music Initiative Foundation (SDMI) does not -- nor
did it ever -- intend to bring any legal action against Professor Felten or
his co-authors.  We sent the letter because we felt an obligation to the
watermark licensees who had voluntarily submitted their valuable inventions
to SDMI for testing.

     For the record, the Recording Industry Association of America, one of
the founding members of SDMI, strongly believes in academic freedom and
Freedom of Speech.  This issue, however, is about the competing interests
of scientists -- those of the watermark technology companies that have
invented new technologies and those of Professor Felten who seeks to
describe how to circumvent those technologies.  To that end, we have
encouraged Professor Felten and the technology companies to resolve this
matter.  We leave it in their hands to do so.

     Further questions should be directed to Verance at 858-677-6522


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