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Karsten M. Self kmself@ix.netcom.com
Tue Apr 24 15:41:18 PDT 2001

Read this.  It's the transcript of Bill Moyer's National Press Club
speech, aired on NPR last week.


It discusses his thirty years in the news business, from the Kennedy and
Johnson administrations, through his CBS and PBS days.  Much on big
media, sponsorship, freedoms, etc.

I'd heard the radio broadcast and was hoping this would turn up.  It did
by way of Doc Searls, Dave Winer, and Dan Gillmor.


    Does it matter? Well, as we learned in the 1960s but seem to have
    forgotten, government is about who wins and who loses in the vast
    bazaar of democracy. Government can send us to war, pick our
    pockets, slap us in jail, run a highway through our garden, look the
    other way as polluters do their dirty work, take care of the people
    who are already well cared for at the expense of those who can't
    afford lawyers, lobbyists or time to be vigilant. It matters who's
    pulling the strings. It also matters who defines the news and
    decides what to cover. It matters whether we're over at the Puffy
    Combs trial, checking out what Jennifer Lopez was wearing the night
    she ditched him, or whether we're on the Hill, seeing who's writing
    the new bankruptcy law, or overturning workplace safety rules, or
    buying back standards for allowable levels of arsenic in our
    drinking water.


    The Founders didn't count on the rise of mega-media. They didn't
    count on huge private corporations that would own not only the means
    of journalism but also vast swaths of the territory that journalism
    should be covering. According to a recent study done by the Pew
    Research Center for the People and the Press for the Columbia
    Journalism Review, more than a quarter of journalists polled said
    they had avoided pursuing some newsworthy stories that might
    conflict with the financial interests of their news organizations or
    advertisers. And many thought that complexity or lack of audience
    appeal causes newsworthy stories not to be pursued in the first

Get out and rake some muck today.

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