I smell a rat (was Re: [linux-elitists] Fwd: Copyright infringement...)

Karsten M. Self kmself@ix.netcom.com
Tue Apr 24 11:08:05 PDT 2001

on Tue, Apr 24, 2001 at 08:03:24AM -0700, Dan Wilder (dan@ssc.com) wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 24, 2001 at 01:27:49AM -0700, Aaron Lehmann wrote:
> > The issue here is more of seperating the pure from the impure. If
> "Separating" must always contain "a rat".

For the mutt/vi users out there, abbreviations are your friend.  I keep
a short list of commonly misspelled words (including "separate") there
to ensure they are spelled correctly and I avoid any social gaffes.
Emacsen have a similar feature.

    :ab Eg: E.g.:
    :ab eg: e.g.:
    :ab (Eg: (E.g.:
    :ab (eg: (e.g.:
    :ab consistant consistent
    :ab Consistant Consistent
    :ab consistantly consistently
    :ab Consistantly Consistently
    :ab Idiological Ideological
    :ab idiological ideological
    :ab Occaisionally Occasionally
    :ab occaisionally occasionally
    :ab Occaisional Occasional
    :ab occaisional occasional
    :ab Seperate Separate
    :ab seperate separate
    :ab Seperately Separately
    :ab seperately separately
    :ab Teh The
    :ab teh the
    :ab het the
    :ab hte the
    :ab Taht That
    :ab taht that
    :ab Linux GNU/Linux
    :ab Windows Legacy MS Windows
    :ab StarOffice StarOffice, that bloated stuck pig of an office suite,

That an an occasional ispell run help immensely -- I'm always chagrined
by my spell-checker.

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