[linux-elitists] LOCAL Silicon Valley, 25 April. Got DRM questions? Hungry?

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Sun Apr 22 22:28:51 PDT 2001

OK, so most people aren't ready to hear about DRM and eat at the
same time, but if you have an Iron Stomach, check this out.  Bring
your freedom-loving appetite. 

Bullshitting your way in is left as an exercise for the reader.

Wednesday, April 25, Microsoft's Silicon Valley Speaker Series Will 
Focus On Intellectual Property Protection And Digital Rights 
Management In Today's Internet Age Of MP3s And Online Content

Microsoft's Silicon Valley Speaker Series For April To Highlight 
Intellectual Property Protection -- Today And In The Future

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. -- April 20, 2001 - On Wednesday, April 25,
Microsoft Corp.'s Silicon Valley Speaker Series will focus on
intellectual property protection and digital rights management in
today's Internet age of MP3s and online content. Brad Smith, deputy
general counsel in charge of worldwide anti-piracy at Microsoft, and
Martha Nalebuff, group manager of the Unified Digital Rights Management
Core Technology team at Microsoft, will address the challenges, recent
progress in and importance to all industries of developing safe and
secure ways to distribute works over the Internet. Included will be
discussion of what Microsoft is doing to develop secure Internet
distribution for software, digital music and e-books.

The presentation will also include demos of various technologies --
including edge-to-edge holographic images and the Internet Scanning
Tool -- that Microsoft has implemented to protect its intellectual
property. The speaker series, held monthly at the Microsoft? Silicon
Valley campus, is part lecture, part interactive forum in which company
executives and industry observers address a variety of technologies,
trends and topics relevant to the fast-moving high-technology world.

   Who: Microsoft

   What: Silicon Valley Speaker Series for April:
   "The Future of Intellectual Property Protection"

   When: Wednesday, April 25
   Noon-2 p.m.
   (Complimentary lunch provided)

   Where: Microsoft's Silicon Valley campus
   Bldg. 1, Conference Center
   1065 La Avenida
   Mountain View, Calif.

Official announcement: http://www.microsoft.com/PressPass/press/2001/Apr01/04-20AprilSpeakerMA.asp

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