[linux-elitists] "DCMA"

Aaron Lehmann aaronl@vitelus.com
Fri Apr 20 23:54:20 PDT 2001


As you are aware, at least one of the technologies that was the subject
of the Public Challenge, the Verance Watermark, is already in commercial
use and the disclosure of any information that might assist others to
remove this watermark would seriously jeopardize the technology and
the content it protects.1 Other technologies that were part of the
Challenge are either likewise in commercial use or could be could be
utilized in this capacity in the near future. Therefore, any disclosure
of information that would allow the defeat of those technologies would
violate both the spirit and the terms of the Click-Through Agreement
(the "Agreement"). In addition, any disclosure of information gained
from participating in the Public Challenge would be outside the scope
of activities permitted by the Agreement and could subject you and your
research team to actions under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act
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