Mining the archives (was Re: [linux-elitists] Laptop mania)

Don Marti
Mon Apr 16 14:36:36 PDT 2001

begin  Ben Woodard quotation of Tue, Jun 15, 1999 at 08:47:59AM -0700:

> In my experience, installing off of the network always works better
> for laptops than using a CD.

So, why did I quote some random Ben Woodard statement from 1999?

Because I can.

Rusty and Doc might remember that I was talking about turning this list
into the bastard spawn of a mailing list and a web board -- you'd be
able to select "reply to this" in the archives and you'd get mailed a
copy of that post, headers intact, to reply to using your own chosen
mail tools instead of a dinky little web form.

This would make it easy for people who have "nomail" selected and who
read the list on the web to reply to existing threads.

I was putting off actually writing this because I'm a lazy bastard(tm)
and wanted to be super-careful to prevent GIF-using weenies from
using the list archives as a mailbombing tool. But here's a possible
solution, works with Mozilla. You select "mailmethis" on an archive
page, and the archive box gives you the message with a MIME type of

On your box, you set the handler for message/x-mail-me-this to this

#! /bin/sh
sendmail $USER < $1

And Bob's your uncle. Now comes the part where people explain to me what
a bad idea this is, or try it at

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