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I get so upset by this... It takes everything I have just to control my
anger about this.

This is not about Copyright, it's about potecting a free society.

A letter campain is a start, IMO...and a KEY ISSUE.


Here is the Key ISSUE to focus on...Vital Books at NYU CD and Dean More.


These good folks have essentially removed the outward apearance of the
their Rent an Education Program to keep the heat off of them, and are
breaking the Law in NYS by contracting the renting of Digital DMCA
protected text books from a single source..in violation of the Charter as
from the State of NY.

We need to flood the Majority of the House of Representivites, Charles
Rangle - the head of the NYC delagation in the House, and the NYS
Department of Education and  TURN UP THE DAMN HEAT.

Linux today would be still born.

AND IBM is still getting a free ride on this as well.

We also need to draft positive Fair Use legislation and have it presented
as a Bill in Congress.


On 2001.04.12 15:54:46 -0400 Karsten M. Self wrote:
on Thu, Apr 12, 2001 at 02:34:00AM -0700, Karsten M. Self
(kmself@ix.netcom.com) wrote:
> The good news is that the United States has ceded its sole claim to
> idiocy in the field of asinine IP protections in the area of copyright.
> The bad news is that it's because of competition for that role from the
> EU.

Followup thoughts.  One of the troubling parts of this item was that the
rationale mentioned for DMCA protections was "normalizing EU copyright
law with US law".  Funny that.  The rationale posed in the Sonny
"Let me help the RIAA screw you out of ever having unfettered access to
my shitty music for the rest of your life, no matter that I'm dead after
doing the ski-tango with a tree" Bono copyright extorsion^Wextension act
was "to normailize US copyright law with EU law".

So, let's see.  Both sides of the pond feel that normalizing copyright
means screwing the public out of access to copyrighted works.
Gentlemen, we have a problem.

But you already knew this.

I'm also interested in possible options for addressing this issue on
both sides of the pond.  Publicizing the problem is a start, but the
flipside is letting people know *why* they should care.  Face it,
copyright law is pretty obscure to most folks.  One thing that's not
clear to me is whether or not the action actually enacted the law -- I
don't know EU legislative mechanics all that well, anyone?

Another line of attack is to identify the sponsors of the legislation
and start campaigning against them.

But I'm feeling like a dry well at the moment.

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