[linux-elitists] Hard drive recovery in L.A. area

Andy Bastien lists@yuggoth.net
Thu Apr 12 11:59:31 PDT 2001

Of all the days, it was on Thu, Apr 12, 2001 at 10:48:48PM +0200 that Eugene.Leitl@lrz.uni-muenchen.de quoth:
> Dan Wilder wrote:
> > I'd have thought you could accomplish nearly the same effect
> > at less cost, and without having to find a location where a
> > box full of thermite would not attract unwanted attention, by the
> > careful application of a suitable hammer to the disk drives.
> The point is that there are nasty people which want to get at
> the data, and there are only few seconds at your disposal, before
> you go down the escape chute, splatter your brain upon the ceiling,
> or whatever else is appropriate. You'd mount the hard drives encased 
> in thermite inside the computer case. The redundant electrical/
> mechanical would be outside, a switch with a flip cover (sufficient 
> unless you've got toddlers in the house -- as an SOP evil geniuses
> *never* allow toddlers in their bunker).

Or you could wire up a deadman's switch.  If you stand up without
first disabling the switch, then the thermite goes off.  Of course, if
you spill coffee on your crotch, you'd have to make a tough decision
very quickly...

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