[linux-elitists] DCMA II

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Thu Apr 12 07:38:55 PDT 2001


So now what is our plan of action?


> The good news is that the United States has ceded its sole claim to
> idiocy in the field of asinine IP protections in the area of copyright.
> The bad news is that it's because of competition for that role from the
> EU.
> The Register's Tom Greene has a nice writeup of some shitty news,
> passage of the analog of the US DMCA by the EC's invertebrate ministers
> in the Augue.  Look, it's my feet, I've got dropped haitches.
> Find it here:
>     EU Sanctifies Copyrights a la DMCA
>     http://www.theregister.co.uk/content/6/18255.html
> Mind you, there's some stomach-turning language in there, best take this
> *after* you've fortified yourself with that morning cuppa joe:
>     "Firstly, right-holders have complete control over the manufacture,
>     distribution, etc. of devices designed to circumvent anti-copying
>     devices. A more flexible solution in this regard would have carried
>     a greater risk of abuse and piracy."
> Bartender, I'll have a cocktail.  Molotov.  Better make that a double.
> Cheers.
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