[linux-elitists] Tuesday 24 April 2001: Big Meeting on Privacy

Jay Sulzberger jays@panix.com
Tue Apr 10 07:22:56 PDT 2001

On Tue, 10 Apr 2001, Brooklyn Linux Solutions CEO wrote:

> Great - a Former Clinton aid is goignt o get up there and talk about how
> important our privacy is while when his team was in office, they couldn't
> wait to burn individual rights for coperate profits.

Well, Whitfield Diffie, Eli Noam, Michael Rabin, Steven Levy, and
Shari Steele will be on the panel too.

> I've been watching this activity with China and I'm thinking our political
> system has become so corrupted and unresponsive as to act as idiots while
> China holds American hostage and as they tear through our advanced
> technology...what chance is there that business interests won't kill any
> movement on digital rights and copyright.
> If the national interest and prestige is not enough to move the government
> against precieved business interests, how the hell are we going to fight
> off the DMCA?
> Ruben

By fighting many battles.  Appended is news of one attack by our side.



Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2001 23:00:39 -0700
From: Phil Agre <pagre@alpha.oac.ucla.edu>
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[This comes from an RRE subscriber whose name I've deleted.  More
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Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2001 07:58:32 -0700
From: Public Library of Science Initiative <feedback@publiclibraryofscience.org>
Subject: Please tell your colleagues about Public Library of Science
Cc: <sign@publiclibraryofscience.org>

Dear [xxx],

Thank you for signing the open letter in support of unrestricted
access to scientific publications.

As of the end of March, more than twelve thousand scientists from 120
countries have joined you in signing the open letter in support of the
Public Library of Science initiative.  As a result of this initiative,
several scientific publishers have already decided to adopt the
policy advocated in the open letter, and almost every publisher and
scientific society is discussing it.  Yet, most life scientists are
still unaware of this initiative, and many of those who do know of
its existence have a distorted view of the proposal and its purpose.

The breadth and depth of support for this initiative from the
scientific community will determine its success.  We believe that
with your help in informing your colleagues about this effort, and
encouraging them to support it, the open letter can be published in
May with the signatures of 50,000 scientists.

To achieve this goal, we each need to reach out to at least ten of our
colleagues.  We would therefore like to ask you to consider two steps:

1. Send an email message to all the scientific colleagues in your
address book (using the text attached at the bottom of this message,
or a modified version of it, or use your own language).

2. Spend an hour or two of your time in the next week talking to
colleagues at your own and other institutions, explaining to them
the reasons that you chose to support the initiative, and encouraging
them to join you in signing the letter.  (Let them know that they can
sign the letter online at: http://www.publiclibraryofscience.org).

Please also make a special effort to talk directly with the editors
and publishers of journals that are important to you, informing them
of your support of this initiative, and encouraging them to adopt the
policy that the letter advocates.  We would greatly appreciate hearing
about any such efforts you are able to make.

Your time and effort can make the crucial difference in the success of
this initiative.


Michael Ashburner, University of Cambridge
Patrick O. Brown, Stanford University
Mary Case, Association of Research Libraries
Michael B. Eisen, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and UC Berkeley
Lee Hartwell, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Marc Kirschner, Harvard University
Chaitan Khosla, Stanford University
Roel Nusse, Stanford University
Richard J. Roberts, New England Biolabs
Matthew Scott, Stanford University
Harold Varmus, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
Barbara Wold, Caltech

========= Model email message to send to colleagues =========

Dear Colleague,

We write to ask for your support of an initiative to provide
unrestricted access to the published record of scientific research.
An open letter in support of this initiative has been signed by more
than 4,500 scientists from 91 countries.  We hope you will take a
minute to read the letter and consider signing it.

The open letter, a list of the scientists who have already signed it,
and some answers to frequently asked questions are posted at:
http://www.publiclibraryofscience.org.  This site also provides a way
for colleagues to sign the open letter online.

You may also wish to read an editorial written by Richard J. Roberts,
recently published in PNAS, which explains why he supports the
initiative (http://www.pnas.org/cgi/content/full/041601398v1).

This is a grassroots initiative, and the breadth and depth of support
it receives from the scientific community will determine its success.
If you decide to support this effort, please consider spending an hour
or two of your time in the next week talking to colleagues at your own
and other institutions, explaining to them the reasons that you chose
to support it, and encouraging them to join you in signing the letter.
Your effort can really make a difference.

======== OPEN LETTER ========

We support the establishment of an online public library that would
provide the full contents of the published record of research and
scholarly discourse in medicine and the life sciences in a freely
accessible, fully searchable, interlinked form.  Establishment of this
public library would vastly increase the accessibility and utility
of the scientific literature, enhance scientific productivity, and
catalyze integration of the disparate communities of knowledge and
ideas in biomedical sciences.

We recognize that the publishers of our scientific journals have
a legitimate right to a fair financial return for their role in
scientific communication.  We believe, however, that the permanent,
archival record of scientific research and ideas should neither be
owned nor controlled by publishers, but should belong to the public,
and should be freely available through an international online public

To encourage the publishers of our journals to support this endeavor,
we pledge that, beginning in September, 2001, we will publish in,
edit or review for, and personally subscribe to, only those scholarly
and scientific journals that have agreed to grant unrestricted free
distribution rights to any and all original research reports that
they have published, through PubMed Central and similar online public
resources, within 6 months of their initial publication date.

------- end -------

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