[linux-elitists] USPTO: just send email.

Ben Woodard ben@valinux.com
Mon Apr 9 13:10:32 PDT 2001

Don, I have a question for you. From the USPS site this doesn't look
like this is an office that is defined by popularity. Once a person is
nominated, then they go into a pool for consideration. Then the USPTO
decides who they appoint to the committee. How is having lots of
people unknown to the USPTO nominate a person going to swing their
opinion? My observation about government organizations is that they
are amazingly conservative and they are going to appoint only those
people who are going to maintain the status quo. 

I'm not trying to provoke a flame war and I'm not trying to be jaded
or fatalistic but I wonder how much this will actually accomplish and
how it will accomplish it? It is not like letters to regulartory
agencies even get counted and recorded like letters to members of
congress (which supposedly get indexed and recorded sent to the
national archives).


> Remember, all you need to do to nominate someone for the Patent
> Public Advisory Committee is just send mail:
> http://noframes.linuxjournal.com/articles/briefs/0081.html
> It's easy and fun.
> (It doesn't look like the lame-ass meta-news sites are carrying
> this.  Oh well.)
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