Fwd: [linux-elitists] Wow, M$ is even more evil than I thought

Adam Sampson azz@gnu.org
Wed Apr 4 10:54:18 PDT 2001

"Karsten M. Self" <kmself@ix.netcom.com> writes:

> Or:  GNU projects are a subset of works licensed under the GPL and LGPL.
> I'm not aware of any non-[L]GPLd GNU projects (exceptions appreciated).

There are a number of GNU projects which are under the GPL plus some
special exceptions; in Guile's case:

 [...] The exception is that, if you link the GUILE library with other
 files to produce an executable, this does not by itself cause the
 resulting executable to be covered by the GNU General Public License.
 Your use of that executable is in no way restricted on account of
 linking the GUILE library code into it. [...]

Which is effectively the LGPL, but it's still not exactly either the
GPL or the LGPL. ;)

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