[linux-elitists] Andrew Leonard Is A Gob-Waggling Dink

Graham H. grahamh@cnmnetwork.com
Tue Apr 3 23:59:47 PDT 2001

"Mr.Bad" wrote:
> What a nutless boob!
>         http://www.salon.com/tech/col/leon/2001/04/02/napster_march/index.html
>         "Don't march for Napster, or for file-sharing. Not only is it
>         just not worth it, but to do so would be an insult to the
>         people who have marched for causes that represented something
>         a little bit more meaningful than whether or not you can grab
>         the newest Eminem track from the Net without paying for it."
> So, no marches allowed again, ever? Unless it's for something at least
> as meaningful if not more so than, say, desegregation or stopping a
> war? Is Coretta Scott King going to weep briny tears if people march
> for information freedom? Christ. Who gave this dink a pen? He's gonna
> poke his stupid gibbering eye out.
> The legacy of previous battles in the streets should not be that we
> all sit in our homes, afraid to go out and voice our opinions because
> it might "insult" someone else who's protested before. That's not what
> fighting for Free Speech is about! Diggity DAMN, people should
> exercise that right ALL THE TIME, because folks we respect like hell
> worked real hard to get it and preserve it. March for more parking
> spaces! March for tastier beer selections! Picket for Esperanto in
> public schools!  Protest a meeting of the dog-fanciers' society! HIT
> the STREETS, MOBS of AMERICA. Black 6-year-olds were mauled by attack
> dogs to earn you the right to carry a picket sign -- not exercising
> that right is the height of obscenity.
> Maybe somebody should tell Andrew Leonard, Brilliant Genius Voice of
> the Fucking Free Software World Why Yes I -AM- Writing A Book Actually
> Glad You Asked Gar Gar Gar, that freedom is not lost all in one
> stroke. It's bit by bit, chink by chink, and each little chink seems
> meaningless, stupid, and unimportant.
> Some dipshit loses his funny domain name? No big deal. Content taken
> off the Web due to legal harassment? Pfft, wasn't that funny
> anyways. Dorky file-sharing system with intrusive ads and crap music
> shuts down? Good riddance. Email filtering on the trunk lines? Ha,
> that's just an urban legend. Some old lady had to give up her seat on
> the bus? Huh?  They're sending advisors, C-rations and pickup trucks
> to some teeny weeny brown-people country somewhere? So?
> And so on, and so on, and so on.
> Jesux Peezux, I'm just hopping mad. What does he think *is* an
> appropriate response to aggressive litigation? More grimy sniveling
> from a twerp like C. Scott Ananian? "I, John Q. Citizen, do solemnly
> swear by the oath of the Model Rocketeers' Society to sit down and be
> quiet and let other people who are smarter and more authoritative than
> me fight my battles, amen." Christ.
> Marching, demonstrating, picketing and protesting are THE way to
> legitimize opposition. First off, it's the big step of commitment. Are
> you just gonna sit there and bitch, or are you going to put your money
> where your mouth is? Just getting off your duff and standing in the
> middle of the street with a hand-lettered posterboard, walking around
> like a goon, means you're willing to act like a doofus for what you
> believe in. Do you care enough to look uncool? That's a lot of caring.
> Second, it's NEWSWORTHY. "'Net Grumpy Over Napster Suit" doesn't make
> good TV. Those folks from channel 4 get real bored pointing a vidcam
> at a CRT with a Lycos Chat Room message from "loves2fish229" saying "I
> M REEL MAD ABOT THE NAPSTURR!!!1!!" But weird cyberpunks in leather
> and crazy guys with Unix beards storming through the streets of San
> Francisco, to surround and embarass some unwitting combatant hiding
> behind a shield of anonymity, though?  Now THAT is news. Get truck 3
> down there now! Send Dianne Dwyer! And see if you can get a shot of
> some hippy punker girl with no bra on!
> But lastly, it's MEET and RIGHT to walk the streets because the fight
> for information freedom IS parallel to those other battles of
> yesterday. Highlighting that parallel, even in a semi-mocking way,
> strikes an important chord in people's minds. It's a way of saying,
> YES, the fight for online freedom is in some way equivalent with
> anti-war protests. YES, you can compare it to 60s civil rights. YES,
> there are important issues at hand, and YES, there are folks who are
> pissed off about them enough to hit the streets. YES, it matters. YES,
> Don Marti is Mohandas K. Gandhi on crack. OKAY, that last one went a
> little too far, but you know what I mean.
> But, of course, gutless simpering twats like Andrew Leonard wouldn't
> know about that. This Fuckin' Guy. This Fuckin' Guy! Look at this
> Fuckin' Guy!
>         http://images.salon.com/col/src/aleonard.gif
> Smirkin' GIF-usin' alternad00d, tellin' it like it is. Cripes. Did you
> know they sell those sensitive-guy beards in 5 different gourmet
> flavors down at Starbuck's now?  Learn to be a Real Journalist, you
> goateed HACK!
> Man, when Salon.com folds like an origami crane, he better not bring
> his resume around the door of PDJ, that's all I got to say.
> ~Mr. Bad

Jesus... that pretty much sums it up.  Mr. Bad, i hereby
declare that you kick ass.

-- Graham

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