[linux-elitists] Wow, M$ is even more evil than I thought

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Mon Apr 2 16:22:58 PDT 2001

[Smith-style damage removed from the Subject header:]

begin  Aaron Lehmann quotation:

> Let me know if you're sick of getting forwarded his responses.

You're hereby notified.

begin  Bryan-TheBS-Smith quotation:

> As far as OpenSSH, I was under the impression it was a "clean room"
> version -- totally reverse engineered.  Same with GnuPG.  Or didn't
> you know *THAT* was what GNU was all about?

One more time:

Tatu Ylönen's original SSH versions were under a free-software licence,
through v. 1.2.12.  Starting with 1.2.13 (1996-02-10), as required by
the commercial-development agreement between his company, SSH
Communications Security, Ltd. and Data Fellows, Ltd. (now F-Secure
Corporation), Ylonen changed the licence to say:  "Companies are
permitted to use this program as long as it is not used for
revenue-generating purposes."  Apparently by the terms of that same 
agreement, versions 1.2.1 through 1.2.12 were removed at that time from
the main SSH ftp site and its mirrors.

However, Björn Grönvall found a copy of SSH 1.2.12 anyway, forked a
copy, updated it, and called his version ossh.

Then, The OpenBSD Foundation, in its turn, forked Grönvall's ossh to
create OpenSSH, removing and replacing all GPLed and patent-encumbered
code, and independently adding SSH protocol v. 2 and other enhancements.

So, no, OpenSSH is not a "clean room" implementation (though some
particular modules are).

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