Fwd: [linux-elitists] Wow, M$ is even more evil than I thought

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Mon Apr 2 13:30:46 PDT 2001

begin  Bryan-TheBS-Smith quotation of Mon, Apr 02, 2001 at 04:18:50PM -0400:

> The
> copyright holder has the right to release his/her own GPL code as
> another license -- otherwise, "dual licenses" couldn't exist. 


> In
> such case, the copyright holder can license or even re-assign that
> copyright, including all rights, to whomever he/she desires -- and
> that _includes_revoking_ and past or current licenses!


Nobody has ever legally revoked a grant of GPL or another of the
"classic" free licenses on existing code. In cases where the license has
changed (recent example: Ogg Vorbis) the new license has applied to a
new version.

> It is because of this, the FSF recommends that all
> maintainers/participants of GNU/GPL projects sign over all copyright
> reservations to them.

No, FSF has other reasons for the copyright assignment. 

> Now in the case of Microsoft Passport.COM, no, they could not
> "revoke" the GPL version -- and I was NOT making that case.  Why? 
> Because they are not the sole copyright holder.  *BUT* as a
> copyright holder, they can redistribute, re-license and/or do
> anything else with it as they see fit.  

Interesting point. You should pitch Dan Gillmor with a short mail, if
you haven't already.

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