[linux-elitists] Another open letter about SDMI.

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Thu Sep 28 18:07:08 PDT 2000

begin  Don Marti quotation:

> Leonardo Chiariglione's letter:
> http://www.sdmi.org/pr/OL_Sept_28_2000.htm
> My response:
> http://noframes.linuxjournal.com/articles/misc/0025.html

Excellent bluff-calling.  Your letter sounds exactly the right note.

Cheers,                   "Teach a man to make fire, and he will be warm 
Rick Moen                 for a day.  Set a man on fire, and he will be warm
rick@linuxmafia.com       for the rest of his life."   -- John A. Hrastar

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