[linux-elitists] Your name could be CENSORED

Seth David Schoen schoen@loyalty.org
Tue Sep 19 14:34:56 PDT 2000

Nick Sweeney writes:

> >     >> The school aspires to be a drug-free community. The purchace,
> >     >> possession distribution, or use of controled drugs or drug
> >     >> paraphernalia or any other chemical substance on campus results
> >     >> in dismissal.
> > 
> >     Aaron> Since they don't bother to define drugs, even caffeine
> >     Aaron> could apply to that.
> > 
> > They do say ``controlled drugs''.  This would include prescription
> > drugs, but exclude caffeine.
> They also say "or any other chemical substance", which would include...
> Well, name a substance which isn't chemical.
> Obviously, the science department didn't vet that policy document.

I once gave some elemental boron as a graduation present at my high

I didn't even think about whether it might have been against the rules.

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