[linux-elitists] amusement...

Heather star@betelgeuse.starshine.org
Mon Sep 18 23:46:09 PDT 2000

I find myself reading a matter of school censorship around the time that the
Answer Gang is dealing with a flamer who so terribly misunderstands the web
that he thinks we're "poisoning" the search engines by making them pub all
our mirror sites.

As if AltaVista would accept our help in its spider-ly quest to have thousands
of useless entries. :)

We know well enough that they're not "protecting" you very well by preventing
your last name, already published a good many places, from "escaping" their
precious web server.  But it's rather like the school photos, I think.  Come
on, if Dennis the Menace disappeared, and the only photo his cartoon mom and
dad had of him was the little tyke neatly cleaned up, in a boy's suit, with 
a nice haircut....
	who'd recognize him?

So as long as you aren't pubbing anything for school which the rest of the
Free World who knows you better would want to see anyway, I wouldn't worry 
about it.

I'd much more worry about all that other stuff;  what possessed your parents
to spend money on these people?  

* Heather * As the trials of life continue to take their toll, remember that 
            there is always a future in Computer Maintenance.
		-- National Lampoon, "Deteriorata"

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