[linux-elitists] Your name could be CENSORED

Seth David Schoen schoen@loyalty.org
Mon Sep 18 16:21:59 PDT 2000

Aaron Lehmann writes:

> > Public school?
> Private school. In other words, no rights for the students. Their
> official reason for implementing a stupid dress code is "becuase we
> can".
> [...]
> The post was meant to discuss more of a social issue than a legal
> issue. If the private school wants to tell me what I can put up on
> their web space, they have the complete right to do that. If this kind
> of idiocy started catching on in public schools there would definately
> be legal issues involved.


I'd still like to ask some lawyers, because I bet there are public
schools with a similar policy.  And there it might be possible to
do something about it.

My high school didn't come near that (although they eventually
installed a horrible firewall) -- no dress code, no censorware, no
anonymity policy -- but I still got angry at them for some of their
restrictions.  The average private school is way behind; I'm sure
it uses censorware if it has Internet access.

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