[linux-elitists] Re: Mosaic features lost

Heather star@betelgeuse.starshine.org
Wed Sep 13 11:32:49 PDT 2000

> > Me, I use lynx, it works great.  Everything comes in the same size and I
> > even reset my console font so I like it too.  (admitted, SuSE made doing
> > that pretty easy.)
> > 
> > Now if I could get a console-mode browser, which only endeavored to be
> > *mildly* graphical, I could much more enjoy my surfing;  
> I tend to use w3m -- it's a bit more useful with complex page layout
> than lynx.  I also have problems with lynx's default color schemes under
> X -- does someone have a color scheme which is actually readable?

lynx actually has some interesting support for having its settings changed
in a CSS like fashion (the control file is lynx.css, but I'm as yet still
unfamiliar enough with CSS I'm not calling it the same).  But I cheat,
I just use the color controls in the main lynx.cfg file.  Here are mine,
paste into the matching section in yours ... results in bright text on
blue background.

# lynx-ssl.cfg file.
# The default placement for this file is /etc/lynx.cfg
. . .  snipped a lot of stuff  . . .
# COLORS (only available if compiled with SVr4 curses or slang)
# The line must be of the form:
# COLOR:Integer:Foreground:Background
# The Integer value is interpreted as follows:
#     0 - normal               - normal text
#     1 - bold                 - hyperlinks, see also BOLD_* options above
#     2 - reverse              - statusline
#     3 - bold + reverse		(not used)
#     4 - underline                   - text emphasis (EM, I, B tags etc.)
#     5 - bold + underline            - hyperlinks within text emphasis
#     6 - reverse + underline         - currently selected hyperlink
#     7 - reverse + underline + bold  - WHEREIS search hits
# Each Foreground and Background value must be one of:
#      black              red            green            brown
#       blue          magenta             cyan        lightgray
#       gray        brightred      brightgreen           yellow
# brightblue    brightmagenta       brightcyan            white
# or (if you have configured using --enable-default-colors with ncurses or
# slang), "default" may be used for foreground and background.
# Uncomment and change any of the compilation defaults.

. . .  that's it, tho there's more in the file  . . .

You *could* of course also diddle your xterm resources so that the dark
set of 8 colors are pleasantly dark, and the set of 8 bright colors either
more vibrantly bright or more pale as you prefer.
> > it's my opinion that between X and NS I might as well be a pedestrian
> > on the infohypeway, DSL or not.  Sadly it looks like Arachne is a long
> > way off if ever, and Opera is almost certainly X based.  But, if
> > anybody wants to accept a specification... we could probably start
> > with the 'links' code.  Or we could try for a GUI wrapper around lynx?
> > hmm.
> What of the various Gecko-based projects?  Gzilla (since renamed),

Last I saw gzilla couldn't do simple table layout.  Reminded me 
uncomfortably of IE 1.0 (that's right boys and girls) - in whose short
lifetime I complained to my fellow MSwin gurus about how SlipKnot was
so much easier to use.  (Slipknot was a dialout-terminal which provided
a GUI frontend for lynx.  It couldn't properly front-end for forms tho.
Sad, really sad, but better than nada if all you had was a shell account.
Me, I was just being curmudgeonly.)

> Galleon, etc.  Hmmm....

Haven't tried Galleon.  It's on my list now.  Aw heck, time to visit
Freshmeat via the indices instead of that cheapass excuse for a search

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