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Psssst, don't tell anyone I'm only 20.96!  (I'll be 20.98 by the
party; does that count?)

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Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2000 20:49:31 -0600 (MDT)
From: robyn <noise@noisebox.cypherpunks.to>
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Subject: RSA Patent Expiration Composite Party - Sept. 21 (fwd)

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Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2000 19:16:18 -0700
From: Sameer Parekh <sameer@bpm.ai>
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Subject: RSA Patent Expiration Composite Party - Sept. 21

	A copy of this note will be at:


	Celebrate with us as we celebrate the end of an era

	The Big RSA Patent Expiration Composite Party
	A fundraiser for the Cryptorights Foundation
	September 21, 2000

	produced by

	Cryptorights Foundation
	BPM Consulting International

	with special thanks to our Gold Sponsor


	also sponsored by

	VA Linux
	Electronic Frontier Foundation
	PAIP International
	The Shmoo Group
	The Secret Order of Former Primes

	The Great American Music Hall
	859 O'Farrell St. (between Polk & Larkin)

	By invitation only. In order to receive your invitation, send an
email with the # of people who plan to attend to
<mailto:rsa-patent-benefit@cryptorights.org> Entrance is free, but the
Cryptorights Foundation will be accepting donations at the door.

	The first few hours will feature short speeches and presentations
from luminaries in the fields of cryptography and human rights. We
will present awards to various individuals for technical and activist
	The tail end of the presentations will feature a "Wheel of Fortune"
with by your friendly hosts, John Gilmore and Cindy Cohn from the
Electronic Frontier Foundation. Solve the puzzle (donation
suggested) or buy one vowel and benefit human rights!

	Finally, at 10:00PM, the beats will drop and your evening will end
with the slamming techno sounds of the San Francisco underground!


Sameer (FnF, Cloudfactory, Urban Wasteland, Mad Hatter, trustcrew)
	Sameer has been active in the San Francisco underground throwing
parties since 1993. In 1999 with some of the crew he met through
Friends & Family he started throwing the legendary Urban Wasteland
parties in urban renegade locations in and around the East Bay. He
also picked up his first slab of wax in early 1999 and has been
playing sick pounding techno at parties around the world since then.
He is also involved in producing a weekly club in Oakland called the
Mad Hatter. Sameer is also known as the founder of C2Net, the company
that pioneered the international development of strong cryptography to
avoid United States export restrictions.

DJ Tektrix (Sister, Tetractys, Influence Recordings)
	Cary, a/k/a DJ Tektrix, moved to San Francisco in 1997. Since then
Tektrix has played alongside DJs such as Forest Green, Twerk, Terrac,
Plateshifter, Mike Sims, Darin Marshall, Sean Murray, J-Bird, Tom L-G,
2x4 with DJ Zeel, Sifu, HoneyB, and Ethan. In 1999 she threw a party
called Circle that took place at the Mother's Cookies Warehouse,
conducted weekly live internet and pirate radio broadcasts on Vulcan
Free Radio, and this year became a resident at Tetractys and Sister.
She has played at parties such as Static, Circle, Overworld, and

Forest Green (Cloudfactory, Sister, XLR8R, technologix, FnF)
	Forest Green has been throwing down beats with the sickness for
several years. She has traveled both across the nation and into Canada
to bring the sick Techno sound to those in need. you might also know
her as one of the starring DJs from the hit underground movie Groove!

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