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Wed Sep 13 12:05:44 PDT 2000

On Wed, Sep 13, 2000 at 08:42:09AM -0700, Heather (star@betelgeuse.starshine.org) wrote:

> > > OB ELITIST: It's been years now with the Mozilla project, the licensing
> > > world has improved, but Netscape/mozilla still have not added back in
> > > the font control features I liked best in Mosaic.  It really ticks me 
> > > off!  And don't tell me to whine on their wishlist - I did that in great
> > > verbosity and basically, everyone things I'm talking about CSS.  Dorks.
> > 
> > Actually, what *did* Mosaic offer in this regard?
> 1) you can still use Mosaic and see - it's a debian package.  While strictly
>    speaking it was open source, UC Kansas stopped hosting it ages ago, so its
>    source is pretty hard to find, unless that's in the debian tree too. 
> 2) but, allow me to describe :)
> Basically, every tag which is a Container Type was modifiable seperately on
> the preferences for Font, Size, and Color.  (Okay the color wasn't that 
> exciting, you only had the basic 16 colors to use.)  This allowed many cool 
> things.

Dig.  Cool.

> > ...and note that browser technology has been largely driven by lock-in
> > and proprietization battles (IE v. Netscape) and online vendor/content
> > fascist imperitives.  Junkbuster and content-modifying proxies (above)
> > are a backlash to this.
> Yep.  Just find one that lets you describe how to modify the content, 
> (rather than assume it's only ads that you want to blow off) and have at.
> Me, I use lynx, it works great.  Everything comes in the same size and I
> even reset my console font so I like it too.  (admitted, SuSE made doing
> that pretty easy.)
> Now if I could get a console-mode browser, which only endeavored to be
> *mildly* graphical, I could much more enjoy my surfing;  

I tend to use w3m -- it's a bit more useful with complex page layout
than lynx.  I also have problems with lynx's default color schemes under
X -- does someone have a color scheme which is actually readable?

> it's my opinion that between X and NS I might as well be a pedestrian
> on the infohypeway, DSL or not.  Sadly it looks like Arachne is a long
> way off if ever, and Opera is almost certainly X based.  But, if
> anybody wants to accept a specification... we could probably start
> with the 'links' code.  Or we could try for a GUI wrapper around lynx?
> hmm.

What of the various Gecko-based projects?  Gzilla (since renamed),
Galleon, etc.  Hmmm....

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