Netscape X resources (was Re: [linux-elitists] O'Reilly and Winer: both sons of bitches)

Don Marti
Wed Sep 13 08:36:34 PDT 2000

begin quotation of Tue, Sep 12, 2000 at 05:55:41PM -0700:

> I'm using TT -- Garamond at default (probably 12 points) and Courier New
> at 11.  I've attached my Netscape resources as it may have some fun
> stuff in it for people -- or I could learn what to add next.

Lucida Typewriter is a much better face for code. (After all, Courier is
derived from manual typewriters that didn't even have a "1" -- you were
supposed to make do with "l".) Lucida Typewriter is also more legible
as a screen font, IMHO, since it doesn't waste pixels on typewriteresqe

Bjarne Stroustrup wants to introduce the custom of setting code in
italics, so perhaps soon the only reason to pick a monospaced font at
all will be for ASCII art.

> # Following doesn't appear to work.
> Netscape*documentFonts.minimumPoints: 10

All together now, "jwz is on crack."

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