Netscape X resources (was Re: [linux-elitists] O'Reilly and Winer: both sons of bitches)

Tue Sep 12 17:30:51 PDT 2000

> >>>>> "kmself" == kmself  <> writes:
>     kmself> Note that there doesn't appear to be any difference in
>     kmself> sizeIncrement settings from about 5 to 0 -- the
>     kmself> granularity is fairly coarse.
>     kmself> Anyone know equivalent configurations for Mozilla?
> I find that Mozilla gives excellent on-screen results using TrueType
> fonts (unfortunately, if you use TrueType fonts, you are technically
> running non-free software) 

Actually, not necessarily - I actually *read* the licenses on my fonts.
(Yeah, I know, I'm weird cuz I read.)

It does depend what kind of butter you like on your toast, tho - since
I know of a handful of fonts which are Free! Give them to Everyone!  ...
but they aren't "source available" like postscript or TeX/metafonts are.

And by the way, the documentation for the True Type specification is not
only as heavy as my graphic workstation, it's a great antidote for a 
NoDoze overdose.

SO with the exception of lacking "source" for TTFs, if anyone wants the
rather weird set of about 30 fonts I've found so far that seem free, lemme

> and a dpi setting of 96.  The odd page
> still comes up uncomfortably small, so I just use the View / Text Size
> menu as needed, which isn't very often.
> There is also a setting under fonts that lets you force your own
> fonts; I don't know if this locks the size as well as the family and
> weight.

Actually, I'd prefer it if it locked the family but not the size and 
weight, so I could still see some variety in my web pages.

What I do not generally see is the ability to declare the use of a 
different font for Bold and Em/Italics purposes.

OB ELITIST: It's been years now with the Mozilla project, the licensing
world has improved, but Netscape/mozilla still have not added back in
the font control features I liked best in Mosaic.  It really ticks me 
off!  And don't tell me to whine on their wishlist - I did that in great
verbosity and basically, everyone things I'm talking about CSS.  Dorks.

* Heather * Competitive fury is not always anger.  It is the true 
            missionary's courage and zeal in facing the possibility 
            that one's best may not be enough.  -- Gene Scott

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