Netscape X resources (was Re: [linux-elitists] O'Reilly and Winer: both sons of bitches)
Tue Sep 12 17:55:41 PDT 2000

On Wed, Sep 13, 2000 at 12:12:40AM +0100, Paul J Collins ( wrote:
> >>>>> "kmself" == kmself  <> writes:
>     kmself> Note that there doesn't appear to be any difference in
>     kmself> sizeIncrement settings from about 5 to 0 -- the
>     kmself> granularity is fairly coarse.
>     kmself> Anyone know equivalent configurations for Mozilla?
> I find that Mozilla gives excellent on-screen results using TrueType
> fonts (unfortunately, if you use TrueType fonts, you are technically
> running non-free software) and a dpi setting of 96.  The odd page
> still comes up uncomfortably small, so I just use the View / Text Size
> menu as needed, which isn't very often.

I'm using TT -- Garamond at default (probably 12 points) and Courier New
at 11.  I've attached my Netscape resources as it may have some fun
stuff in it for people -- or I could learn what to add next.

> There is also a setting under fonts that lets you force your own
> fonts; I don't know if this locks the size as well as the family and
> weight.

Nope -- not size.  Just family.  Really fucking pisses me off.
Especially when my own fsckin company fscks with fonts on its own
fscking webpages.  O'Reilly's doing it too, though.  Scoop allows you to
fuck when you want, or abstain.  Hmmm.  Maybe Scoop needs a

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Netscape*drawingArea.translations:      #merge\
        <Btn1Down>:                     ArmLink()       \n\
        <Btn2Down>:                     ArmLink()       \n\
        ~Shift<Btn1Up>:                 ActivateLink()  \n\
        ~Shift<Btn2Up>:                 ActivateLink(new-window)  \
                                        DisarmLink()    \n\
        Shift<Btn1Up>:                  ActivateLink(save-only)  \
                                        DisarmLink()    \n\
        Shift<Btn2Up>:                  ActivateLink(save-only)  \
                                        DisarmLink()    \n\
        <Btn1Motion>:                   DisarmLinkIfMoved()  \n\
        <Btn2Motion>:                   DisarmLinkIfMoved()  \n\
        <Btn3Motion>:                   DisarmLinkIfMoved()  \n\
        <Motion>:                       DescribeLink()  \n\
        <Btn3Down>:                     xfeDoPopup()    \n\
        <Btn3Up>:                       ActivatePopup() \n\
        Ctrl<Btn4Down>: PageUp()\n\
        Ctrl<Btn5Down>: PageDown()\n\
        Shift<Btn4Down>: LineUp()\n\
        Shift<Btn5Down>: LineDown()\n\
         None<Btn4Down>: LineUp()LineUp()LineUp()LineUp()LineUp()LineUp()\n\
         None<Btn5Down>: LineDown()LineDown()LineDown()LineDown()LineDown()LineDown()\n\
        Alt<Btn4Down>: xfeDoCommand(forward)\n\
        Alt<Btn5Down>: xfeDoCommand(back)\n
        <Key>BackSpace: xfeDoCommand(back)\n\
!       <Key>Left: xfeDoCommand(back)\n\
!       <Key>Right: xfeDoCommand(forward)\n

Netscape*globalNonTextTranslations: #merge\
 Shift<Btn4Down>: LineUp()\n\
 Shift<Btn5Down>: LineDown()\n\
 Alt<Btn4Down>: xfeDoCommand(forward)\n\
 Alt<Btn5Down>: xfeDoCommand(back)\n
 <Key>space: PageDown()\n\
! <Key>BackSpace: xfeDoCommand(back)\n\
!       <Key>Left: xfeDoCommand(back)\n\
!       <Key>Right: xfeDoCommand(forward)\n

# Restrict the range of size increments allowed by <font size=n> directives to 
# the range 80% - 120% rather than 50% - 210%.  Default increment is 20.
# KMSelf Wed Dec 29 15:47:57 PST 1999
Netscape*documentFonts.sizeIncrement:   05
Netscape*documentFonts.maximumPoints: 18
# Following doesn't appear to work.
Netscape*documentFonts.minimumPoints: 10

# Clean up the fscking toolbar
Netscape* false
Netscape*toolBar.destinations.isEnabled: false
Netscape*toolBar.myshopping.isEnabled: false
Netscape*toolBar.viewSecurity.isEnabled: false
Netscape*toolBar.print.isEnabled: true
Netscape*toolBar.home.isEnabled: true

# And some other brain damage
Netscape*useStdoutDialog: false
Netscape*useStderrDialog: false
Netscape*noAboutSplash: true

# Fonts -- dialogs and such
Netscape*attachmentProps*XmLabelGadget.fontList: fixed
Netscape*AddressBook*mainform.fontList:		 fixed 
Netscape*XmLGrid*fontList:			 fixed
Netscape*attachItemLabel*fontList:		 fixed
Netscape*prefs*fontList:			 fixed
Netscape*statusBar*fontList:			 fixed

# Document fonts -- scaling doesn't appear to take effect w/ TTF fonts
Netscape*documentFonts.defaultFont*iso-8859-1.prop: -ttf-garamond-120-noscale                                                                               
Netscape*documentFonts.defaultFont*iso-8859-1.fixed: -ttf-courier new-90-noscale

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