[linux-elitists] O'Reilly and Winer: both sons of bitches

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Tue Sep 12 15:33:31 PDT 2000

Web cage bout!

They let anybody put up these "weblog" things. I say it needs to
stop. (But not before I finish my nifty weblog-looking archivator
for this list.)

Here's a Netscape tip for those of you who would like text to come out
at a reasonable size instead of smallified because a certain proprietary
OS vendor got font sizes wrong and all the pixel-pushing weenies decided
to compensate. Put this in .Xdefaults:

! Curse all bastard web designers who think they know my font preferences
! better than me
Netscape*documentFonts.sizeIncrement:   2
Netscape*documentFonts.maximumPoints: 24

Dan Gillmor's clue meter (calibrated in milliMoens, of course) is rising
"The patent system has spun wildly out of control as a mismanaged
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office grants monopolies, willy-nilly, to
``inventions'' such as Priceline's online reverse auction, deterring
real progress. The same agency lets multinational corporations bid for
control of the seeds farmers need to grow vital crops, and maybe someday
the rights to your descendants' genetic makeup."

Q. Todd Dickinson must be stopped.  I wonder if he crumbles into dust
if you pronounce his True Name (whatever the "Q" stands for.)

Ack, the new issue of Linux Journal uses the word "hacker" on the cover
in the non-hacker sense of the word. Am I going to catch hell for it in
Atlanta, or what? And I can't even use the "that was already in the pipe
before I got there" excuse because my smiling (ok, smirking) face is on
page 18.

I just picked up an "A" model CueCat (the big mouth one) at Radio Shack.
If you're too lazy to get off your rear end and get one, you can fill
out the form at: http://www.getcat.com/getcat_form.asp That "asp" at the
end of the URL is a secret code that means "we are l@m3rz." Here, kitty
kitty. Here, kitty kitty.

I don't remember if I posted this quote and link, but here it is anyway:
"The world needs less software." -- Brian Behlendorf

There's a cute foam rubber toy penguin on one of the tables here at
Linux Journal, with a sticker on the bottom reading "This is not a toy."
Like I'm supposed to believe it's a REAL penguin?

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