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Deirdre Saoirse deirdre@deirdre.net
Mon Sep 11 17:08:44 PDT 2000

On Mon, 11 Sep 2000, Heather wrote:

> So what we have here is an evolutionist vs. creationist issue.  Where
> the open coders are evolutionists (creating things that work in their
> local niche, then releasing them "into the wild" to be accepted and/or
> remolded) and the "established engineers" are creationists, accepting
> the rules of the Good Books.

Actually, I think that's a bit of overgeneralizing. There are people,
particularly those in larger organisations, where the formal process is
more important than the work. And there's the rest of us.

I personally think a lot of people missed the point in some books where it
says that the documentation is supposed to only be 1/n of the duration of
the project. If it's a six-week project, two weeks is the *maximum* you
can allocate to design time. 1 week is better, especially if in 2 stages.

> Lots of play with these analogies is possible, including the questions
> of mistranslation or misapplications of Good Book practices to result
> in "holy" code but unusable products, and knowing that just because we
> can get faster mutations to the better does not mean that all
> "evolved" products are any good, either.

Ask me sometime about well-designed and documented vaporware.

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