[linux-elitists] Forbidden knowledge! The secret number is 67!

Mike Touloumtzis miket@bluemug.com
Mon Sep 11 15:20:58 PDT 2000

On Thu, Sep 07, 2000 at 10:14:44AM -0700, Ben wrote:
> I think of it this way. We are essentially hacking the system which in
> this case is the goverment and all the businesses making money off of
> IP. To be able to successfully play the game we have to know the rules. 

This is why it pisses me off to see people (the Slashdot
crowd figures prominently) flaming RMS and/or Debian
for being hardasses about licensing.  People who ignore
legal niceties have a way of being screwed by those who
don't :-P.


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