[linux-elitists] declaw the CueCat

Joey Hess joey@kitenet.net
Thu Sep 7 18:38:07 PDT 2000

Don Marti wrote:
> How to disable the serial number on the CueCat:
> http://www.matrixpm.com/~haveblue/cuecat

Interesting -- that is not the same cue cat hardware you get here in the
bay area. The PCB design looks a lot less polished. For comparison the
cue cat I've seen the inside of consisted of a single long rectangular
board, with a black cube-shaped shield attached to the end, and a 
cube-shaped pinhole camera enclosure behind it. The shield includes 2
red led's (not the one shown in the scans), and a lens. Unlike this board it
doesn't look like dropping it would snap off a bit here and there. 

The rev on my board is 2.1 IIRC. Perhaps the pictures shows version 1.0.

see shy jo

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