[linux-elitists] Forbidden knowledge! The secret number is 67!

dwarren@thebigwave.net dwarren@thebigwave.net
Thu Sep 7 11:43:00 PDT 2000

Got one last night haven't had a chance to play with it much...  Trying to
prototype an adapter w/it's own battery and a Pilot Adapter to scan my 
library...  I thought about doing something with the laptop but it's just
not that useful...  There was that /. article about how to do a real library 
catalog system got me thinking about doing my own.   (One day I found
out that I owned 3 copies of 'The day after tomorrow.') I found this
page http://lcweb.loc.gov/z3950/agency/ at the library of congress
describing how to access the card catalog based just on the ISBN...  So
I think pretty soon I'll have an online catalog of my books with
something smaller for the palm so when I go used bookstore hopping I
don't wind up with 4 copies of the same book anymore :)

On Wed, 6 Sep 2000, Don Marti wrote:
> The CueCat doesn't just read crap out of Rat Shack catalogs.  It will
> also read UPC and ISBN bar codes.  Catalog your book collection!  Search
> for boycotts on foods as you shop!  Print your own bar codes and
> inventory your laboratory specimens!  Get your CueCat today -- go to 
> Rat Shack, they're free ($0).  I expect all you people to have one,
> or several.

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