[linux-elitists] Forbidden knowledge! The secret number is 67!

Ben ben@valinux.com
Wed Sep 6 17:16:31 PDT 2000

> Anyone else playing with the now-ubiquitous CueCat? (nice nightlight for
> your computer, among other things.) Here's a description of how to deal
> with its code, and I have two questions. 1. Is this text right, and 2.
> Can "they" suppress it?

My understanding is that a written representation of an algorithm is
always free speech and cannot be surpressed.


> The CueCat doesn't just read crap out of Rat Shack catalogs.  It will
> also read UPC and ISBN bar codes.  Catalog your book collection!  Search
> for boycotts on foods as you shop!  Print your own bar codes and
> inventory your laboratory specimens!  Get your CueCat today -- go to 
> Rat Shack, they're free ($0).  I expect all you people to have one,
> or several.

Do you think that they will be available in 2 weeks when I get back to
the USA? If not can someone pick me up one?


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