[linux-elitists] Writing for the Web

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Tue Oct 31 13:59:45 PST 2000

Can't anybody write plain English any more?

"DoubleClick Chairman Selling Stock to Diversify"
should be: "Peeping Liar Fuck Cashes Out, Prepares to Flee as Stock 

"We are Rambus advocates" 
should be: "We signed a document written by a bunch of litigous assholes
without reading it first."

"This group is charged with providing to the plenary a methodology and
architecture for 'perimeter technologies' including in band and out of
band screening."
should be: "These people thought that being on Bruce Schneier's
"Doghouse" page was a _good_ thing."

On a completely other subject, The Coalition for the Future
of Music has invited me to help determine the future
of music. I'm not on their panelist list yet, though:

(BTW, I want the future of music to be...more music from the Donnas. The
Donnas rock. Maybe I should have said I won't go unless they invite the
Donnas to be on the panel too. But it's too late, I already said yes.)

And by law I have to post the URL for "The Guy I Almost Was." which
most of you have already seen but is the best web comic ever...I want
that badass van. Besides this will give it more ranking juice on Raging
Search, so here goes: http://www.e-sheep.com/almostguy/

Just got my reservations for Comdex Las Vegas. Viva Las Marc Merlin
Town! If you'll be there, let me know and I'll get you in to elite
events. I'll be staying at the Luxor, and since I am now an expert
on the future of music, I'll be trashing my hotel room nightly.

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