[linux-elitists] (from Pigdog) Feuerstein on Oracle

Mr.Bad mr.bad@pigdog.org
Mon Oct 23 11:29:42 PDT 2000

>>>>> "PJC" == Paul J Collins <sneakums@sto-kerrig.org> writes:

    PJC> First normal form (1NF) is "each fact is present only once in
    PJC> the database".  This is a pain in the ass to do in an OODBMS
    PJC> without your objects becoming uncannily relation-like.

Hmm. I'm having a hard time picturing what you mean, here. Would this
be, say, two objects (like a parent and a child) that are mutually
navigable? So "A is the parent of B" is a fact shown in both B's
parent reference and A's child reference?

That seems pretty valid, but I don't see a good reason that you
couldn't just yank one of the refs. Like, I'd probably recommend doing
this for regular in-memory objects, anyways.

Maybe what you're saying is that A would contain a full copy of B,
which would of course get out of synch with B. I can see this as
another valid problem, but again the answer would be: don't do that.
It's bad object design.

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