[linux-elitists] (from Pigdog) Feuerstein on Oracle

Eugene Leitl eugene.leitl@lrz.uni-muenchen.de
Sat Oct 21 13:11:01 PDT 2000

Evan Prodromou writes:

 > Among other things:
 >         * It's not Free.
This is not a knockout argument per see, if there are no comparable
performance and stability OpenSource systems. Are there? I mean,
really really big databases? Having to take a lot of load without
crapping out? This is pharma industry, virtual screening.
 >         * It's a bear to set up and use.
Ok. That's an argument.

 >         * It's practically a de facto standard for RDBMSs in big
 >           corps. Like, you can't get fired for choosing Oracle. Now,
 >           what fun is that? It's the NT of RDBMSs.
Thank you, I'm not interested in getting fired for choosing a wrong
tool. I'm interested in being able to quickly set up a production
system, without having to become instant propellerhead.

 >         * It's got this creepy PL/SQL programming language.
Hmm. What are the OpenSource alternatives?

 >         * Because it's a defacto standard, you tend to run into real
 >           creepy freaks who use it. All those bastards who used to
 >           work on mainframes now write PL/SQL.
That's not my problem. My problem will be rather not to turn into one
of those said creepy freaks.

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