[linux-elitists] swbell.net and leet whois

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Tue Oct 17 07:32:49 PDT 2000

So, I got a direct, non-relay spam from, and I did a whois
to find out who the ISP is. 

$ whois
Southwestern Bell Internet Services (NETBLK-SBIS-BLK-2) SBIS-BLK-2
William Barker (NETBLK-SBCIS82835) SBCIS82835 -

Look at the size of that second netblock. Yes, not only does
Southwestern Bell set up reverse DNS for DSL customers, they also put
the customers in whois, with their postal addresses (but not phone
numbers, just the toll-free number for Southwestern Bell.)

$ whois \!NETBLK-SBCIS82835
William Barker (NETBLK-SBCIS82835)
   #1 Memorial Park Drive
   Benton, AR 72015

Now, that's old school network administration right there.  And that
explains why I don't get much spam from swbell.net. 

Of course, treating a DSL connection that you have to wait six months
for as a "throwaway dialup" is pretty dumb, but nobody said you have
to pass much of a test to be a spammer.

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