[linux-elitists] (forw) About that MAPS lawsuit

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On Sun, Oct 15, 2000 at 10:03:11PM -0500, Vinnie Chassot (drachen@freeshell.org) wrote:
> On Mon, 16 Oct 2000, Rick Moen wrote:
> > When Aaron the Trollmastuh objected that "Gentlemen" is insufficiently
> > inclusive, he was talking biology, m'dear.
> I think, were any of those folks pre-op MtF transfolk they might take
> exception to that <grin> (okay, it's statistically unlikely, plus there is
> the argument that 'gentlemen' is gender inclusive)
> > Of late, many have become shy about using the word "sex" in its correct
> > sense referring to biological (as opposed to social) distinctions,
> > preferring instead to brain-damage the otherwise useful term "gender".
> > I am not among them.
> but how can this possibly be a biological situation? Were you planning on
> pants checking/chromosome checking the recipients? :P
> V.
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...and in context, if the best thing that can be associated with
"blow-dry on a roof rack" is laundry, then I'l posit insufficient

(Though it did give me a fit of grins the first time too).

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