[linux-elitists] (forw) About that MAPS lawsuit

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On Mon, Oct 16, 2000 at 12:57:32AM -0700, Rick Moen (rick@linuxmafia.com) wrote:
> begin  Vinnie Chassot quotation:
> > Gender! Gender! It's a social interaction, not a biological one ;P
> When Aaron the Trollmastuh objected that "Gentlemen" is insufficiently
> inclusive, he was talking biology, m'dear.
> Of late, many have become shy about using the word "sex" in its correct
> sense referring to biological (as opposed to social) distinctions,
> preferring instead to brain-damage the otherwise useful term "gender".
> I am not among them.

There are those of us who, for whatever reasons, including possibly (or
at least reasonably plausibly) an over-exposure to social research
and/or demographic data, are confused when presented with the word "sex"
and have to parse whether it's a qualitative or quantitative metric.

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