[linux-elitists] (forw) About that MAPS lawsuit

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Mon Oct 16 02:05:02 PDT 2000

begin  Vinnie Chassot quotation:

> I think, were any of those folks pre-op MtF transfolk they might take
> exception to that <grin> (okay, it's statistically unlikely, plus there is
> the argument that 'gentlemen' is gender inclusive)

Sundry peculiarities of human languages and culture frequently put one
in the situation of finding it most convenient to refer to someone's
sex (not gender).  Fortunately for the sake of polite society, that does
not impose an obligation to check the subject's plumbing to ensure one's

> But how can this possibly be a biological situation? Were you planning on
> pants checking/chromosome checking the recipients? :P

As above.

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