[linux-elitists] Incompatibilities can be fixed. (was offtopic from: About that MAPS lawsuit)

Heather star@starshine.org
Sun Oct 15 23:38:20 PDT 2000

gender shmender, if I need a gender bender I can pick 'em up at Action, 
cheap.  9 pin or 25?

I discover to my annoyance that although a reader for my new CD exists
for linux... that covers 3 versions of it... *of course* I have a 4th, 
unreadable version.

> V.
> --
> For best results, wash in cold water separately, hang-dry and iron with
> warm iron. For not so good results, drag behind car through puddles,
> blow-dry on roof rack. | drachen@freeshell.org/drachen@www.com

This gave ne a good fit of the giggles!  Thx!

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