[linux-elitists] Concerned about online privacy?

Heather star@starshine.org
Fri Oct 13 20:19:43 PDT 2000

> Umm, for those of you who've cleverly DNS blackholed doubleclick, and
> therefore never saw the original, rendering my witty and cutting satire
> incomprehensible, here's a mirror of the original banner:
> http://images.kuro5hin.org/378253-banner19.gif. And my parody, at
> http://images.kuro5hin.org/doubleclick-privacy.gif... Get it? Y'know...
> privacy...
> Oh jesus, never mind.
> --R

I guess this is an animated thing, it didn't show well in zgv... 
but, I'm tweaking webstuff tonight so, teehee, an X session is live.

brief thought of amusement as "doublecllick-privacy" leads to 404 error.
real wizards don't need spellcheckers, guess my fingers need practice
being wizardly.

okay, now that I've context - yeah, that's cute.

* Heather * This is an unauthorized cybernetic announcement.
          -- John Brunner, 'The Shockwave Rider'

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