[linux-elitists] Opera beta for linux available

Adam Sampson ats1@ukc.ac.uk
Mon Oct 9 04:35:25 PDT 2000

On Sun, Oct 08, 2000 at 04:32:57PM -0700, Deirdre Saoirse wrote:
> On Mon, 9 Oct 2000, Adam Sampson wrote:
> > There are also a couple of "tiny Smalltalk"s floating around; I've
> > been considering porting one to the Palm so I've got something decent
> > to develop on that doesn't require me to write _loads_ of parentheses.
> > ;)
> I've long considered Smalltalk such a bloated language that I think I'll
> actually have to check one of these out -- for curiosity value if nothing
> else. It does have a lot of runtime overhead (being late bound) though.

The one I've been playing with is Tim Budd's Little Smalltalk; it's
available from <ftp://ftp.cs.orst.edu/pub/budd/little/> (although I'm
certain that that's not where I found it originally).


Adam Sampson

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