[linux-elitists] Opera beta for linux available

Deirdre Saoirse deirdre@deirdre.net
Sun Oct 8 16:39:25 PDT 2000

On 8 Oct 2000, Mr.Bad wrote:

> 2) Use a small, common toolset of 1-2 programming languages.
>    If the job you have can't be done with the toolset you have, or
>    can't be done well, extend or improve your toolset, and share your
>    improvements with the world.

This is how most programmers operate. The catch is that they don't agree
on *which* languages. I don't have a problem with that.

> Anyways, I think it makes sense. I'm with Eugene: I'm going to stop
> being a programming language slut, and settle down to Scheme and
> Forth.

My earlier point is, really, that a lot of people settled on C for exactly
this same reason -- wanting a tool that, for them, was pretty much the
easiest to work with from several standpoints. I still use it a lot. For
certain other things, I use Python and PHP. The former if byte-compiled is
good enough and it's not web stuff. The later if it's web stuff.

That said, I do get to maintain stuff written in other languages from time
to time (tcl & perl mostly, some C++). But that's all part of the job.

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