[linux-elitists] Opera beta for linux available

Dan Wilder dan@ssc.com
Fri Oct 6 13:58:46 PDT 2000

On Fri, Oct 06, 2000 at 12:43:47PM -0700, Eugene Leitl wrote:
> Mr.Bad writes:
>  > Oh, please. Writing Eiffel code is like spending months designing,
>  > building and testing intricately-detailed kevlar socks for yourself
>  > just on the outside chance that you might shoot yourself in the
>  > foot. Then, when you're done, you shoot yourself in the elbow.
> Eiffel, schmeiffel. All these language wars/fashions make me
> sick. They've should have stuck to Lisp. We'd be working with
> successors of Lisp machines after two decades of evolution, instead of
> clunky PC boxes. Even without that evolution, a Lisp machine
> environment from mid 1980s does look rather modern. In fact, we're
> arguably regressing. If Lisp had any community, I'd be sticking to
> Lisp instead of the Python/C thing.

Well, you've got a point there.

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