[linux-elitists] My Theory about SDMI

Mr.Bad mr.bad@pigdog.org
Thu Oct 5 16:02:54 PDT 2000

OK, so here's my theory:

Don did an extensive security audit of SDMI and found that it was
mathematically impossible to circumvent the infection scheme by normal
technical means. Bent on winning the 10,000 dollar prize for himself
in order to feed his voracious Logitech TrackMan Marble pointing
device habit, he decided to use the unorthodox but time-tested
intrusion technique known as "reality hacking."

By instigating a boycott of and loudly agitating against SDMI
freedom-removal technology, Don is attempting to prevent SDMI from
going into widespread use. If he can manage it, he will be able to
prevent music from being SDMI-infected, thereby effectively
circumventing the infection scheme and winning the prize.

It's a brilliant but risky gambit -- let's all hope that he is
successful in his endeavors.

Go Don! Win the prize!

~Mr. Bad

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