[linux-elitists] English usage

Heather star@starshine.org
Thu Oct 5 14:32:33 PDT 2000

> > > Nobody wants "infected" stuff on their computer. Ewwwww. 
> > 
> > Well, "infected" implies a transmission mechanism. Perhaps something along
> > the lines of "contaminated" would work better?
> Infected at the source?  Like children of mothers with AIDS?
> Music with SDMI lying dormant in its genetic material ...
> Hmm.  Actually, it's the music publishers who are infected.  Yeah,
> I guess I buy "contaminated".

contaminated, or tainted.  if it can spread, it would be stronger than

contaminated is like watersheds with dioxin or chromium-6 that have seeped
into them, there's your "watermark" analogy.

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