[linux-elitists] International Kernel Patch

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Tue Oct 3 09:06:28 PDT 2000

That was fast. Anybody running a kernel with the IKP?

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Date:   Tue, 3 Oct 2000 12:34:33 +0200
From: Alexander S A Kjeldaas <Alexander.Kjeldaas@fast.no>
To: linux-crypto@nl.linux.org
Delivered-To: dmarti@zgp.org
X-Orcpt: rfc822;linux-crypto@nl.linux.org is released with the AES cipher integrated.  

2000-10-03 Alexander Kjeldaas <astor@fast.no>

	* International kernel patch released.

	* speed.c cleanups.

	* The crypto API now compiles when proc support has been disabled.
	* AES cipher added.  The AES cipher is implemented by the rijndael
	module, but with a separate cipher id/name.
	* Updated Rijndael implementation from Brian Gladman merged.

	* ECB testvectors for rijndael from the AES submission added.

This patch is available from:



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