[linux-elitists] Testify at NTIA hearings about DMCA!

Ben Woodard ben@valinux.com
Mon Nov 27 16:09:58 PST 2000

> on Sun, Nov 26, 2000 at 04:56:39PM -0800, Mr . Bad (mr.bad@pigdog.org) wrot=
> e:
> > >>>>> "k" =3D=3D kmself  <kmself@ix.netcom.com> writes:
> >=20
> >     k>     A ''computer program'' is a set of statements or
> >     k> instructions to be used directly or indirectly in a computer in
> >     k> order to bring about a certain result.
> >=20
> >     k> DVD-as-data would tend not to map to such instructions.  Ergo:
> >     k> it's data.
> >=20
> > I'd say not true. The term "directly or indirectly" obviously is a nod
> > to interpreted languages. They are not "directly" run by the CPU, but
> > that does not make them any less "programs."=20
> The instructions in an interpreted program are eventually translated to
> commands run by the processor.  There will be a correspondence, however
> indirect.  Data, however, resides only in memory, it isn't acted on
> directly.

So anything written in lisp is nothing but data?

> Again, this distinction can be a fine one, but I think there is in
> general a pretty clear line between what is acting and what is being
> acted on.

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